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With Harry and Lloyd around, you’ll certainly feel like you’re getting dumb and dumber! To celebrate this hilarious Jim Carrey movie, choose one of our fantastic looks out of our Dumb and Dumber Costumes selection!

Dumb and Dumber Costumes

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What one doesn’t have, the other is missing! If you’re looking for a funny costume this Halloween, let Costume Kingdom guide you with our Dumb and Dumber Costumes theme! Harry and Lloyd travel to Aspen in search of the owner of the secret briefcase but we can let you in on a little secret of our own! You don’t have to go to Aspen to have this hilarious duo at your Halloween party!

The choice is easy! Scroll through our amazing collection in the Dumb and Dumber Costumes for men and pick a winner! If you’re feeling a little festive, a trip through our Dumb and Dumber Costumes theme will put a smile on your face that won’t disappear like Mary Swanson or - gulp - a pet parakeet! For a dapper dan costume, check out the Blue Dumb and Dumber Tuxedo! If you don’t like blue or think Jim Carrey was nowhere near as good as Jeff Daniels, then choose the Orange Dumb and Dumber Tuxedo! We've even got matching hats for sale! Our Dumb and Dumber ideas for adults are awesome!

Pair up with a friend to go as the dummy duo and your night will be filled with slapstick gags and scores of laughter! Keep evil thugs at bay with these funny looks! If you believe that someday, you’ll get your break too as long as you keep your eyes open, well that day has finally arrived! Be sure to have a costume that will send your friends over the top with the Dumb and Dumber Costumes theme!

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