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Take the ogre you've come to love with you to Halloween! Dress in one of our Shrek Costumes selections and bring the Dreamworks character to life!

Shrek Costumes

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Once upon a time, in a swamp far, far away; lives a lovable green Ogre who dreams of being alone in peace! Then along came a Donkey who made him feel kind of wonky until Princess Fiona saved the day! Shrek is a wonderful tale about the dangers of judging a book by its cover, but with our Shrek Costumes for adults - for men and women - the only thing people will think of you is what a lovely costume you have!

We have a selection of looks for the ostentatious Ogre as well as the pretty Princess! With kids costumes and even accessories, our Shrek Costumes for kids - boys and girls - will be sure to give you the happy ending you’ve always dreamed about! You’re never too young to start your fairytale adventure and Costume Kingdom knows this better than anyone! With those adorable eyes and fashion flair, our Infant/Newborn Shrek Puss In Boots costume will transform your child into the most irresistible kitty in creation!

For the ogre in training, the Toddler/Child Deluxe Shrek costume will put the swamp stench in his step! You can find many lavish looks for the ladies in the Shrek Costumes for women, like the Deluxe Shrek Women’s Fiona Costume! Even our Adult Shrek Halloween Costume will cause fans to ogle your Ogre with glee! For finishing touches, check out our line of Shrek accessories too! No matter what supplies you need, our Shrek Costumes theme has a king’s ransom of designs!

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