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Deep into the world's cultural landscape, these little blue creatures are recognizable no matter where you go! Pick up one of our Smurf Costumes today!

Smurf Costumes

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Adult Deluxe Smurf The Lost Village Costume
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Adult Smurf Hat Costume Accessory
Retail Price: $20.00
Our Price: $9.95
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Boys Hackus Smurf Movie Halloween Cartoon Costume
On Sale
Retail Price: $27.00
Now 20% Off!: $12.95
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Paging Papa Smurf! Jokey Smurf is at it again and is working on making Brainy Smurf his next target! If you can hear his cackle right now, you’re more in tune with the Smurfs than you think! So why not celebrate these lovable creatures with a selection from the Smurf Costumes theme! Whether you’re a next gen Smurf like Sassy or Grandpa Smurf, or you’re part of the OG crew like Handy or Smurfette, our Smurf Costumes theme will put the smurf in your step!

Smurf yourself up a wonderful outfit from our Smurf Costumes for boys and girls! With so many jobs to choose from in the lovely miniature Smurf Village, you can be anything you choose! If you’re good with tools and love building things, Handy Smurf sounds like your kinda guy! For those who love staring at their own perfect reflection, Vanity Smurf could give you some extra pointers on how to make your look smurferific!

And if you’re the kind of girl who likes being the center of attention, might we call your attention to the singular, the beautiful Smurfette! So before you get back to picking smurfberries or waiting out Gargamel’s next evil scheme, check out our amazing assortment in the Smurf Costumes theme! Gather a group of your friends to go as crowd-favorites from the Smurf family! Don’t be tossed out on your head this Halloween! Have a smurfy time instead with ideas for outfits from Costume Kingdom!

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