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Live Long & Prosper! Whatever your Deep Space needs, Costume Kingdom has it all – from boys and girls to adults, in our Star Trek Costumes theme!

Star Trek Costumes

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Deluxe Evil Invader 51 Adult Alien Halloween Mask
Retail Price: $58.00
Our Price: $32.37
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Mens Star Trek Deluxe Harrison Villain Movie Costume
On Sale
Retail Price: $68.00
Now 20% Off!: $19.83
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Mens Star Trek Harrison Villain Halloween Costume
On Sale
Retail Price: $40.00
Now 20% Off!: $12.95
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Star Trek Next Generation Red Adult Costume
Retail Price: $64.00
Our Price: $44.95
Out of stock

Stardate 254361.8. It is Halloween and you still haven’t found the perfect costume for your celebrations. What should you do if your replicator is down and you’re miles away from Earth? Costume Kingdom is ready to help you with your look through our Star Trek Costumes! With several costume choices spanning the entire famous Gene Roddenberry enterprise, you can keep your costume old school like the notable Shatner as James T. Kirk or try an updated look like the Next Generation or Deep Space 9 lines!

Whatever you choose, you will find it in our Star Trek Costumes for adults - whether men or women - and you won’t even need pressed latinum to bring it home! Captain James Tiberius Kirk is the leader of the USS Enterprise and, with one of the costumes from our Star Trek Costumes theme, you’ll be troubled with tribbles or engaging Romulans faster than warp speed! For a Kirk look, try the Star Trek Deluxe Gold Kids Costume or the Gold Captain Kirk Star Trek Costume! But Kirk wasn’t the only Officer on the deck! The Womens Star Trek Uhura Dress will have you citing coordinates to foreign planets! We even have plus size costumes!

And for the invulnerable Vulcan look, check out the Star Trek Blue Shirt Mens Spock Costume! We've even got the ears and other ideas to perfect your outfit! You don’t need to go to Deep Space 9 to find the Dr. Bashir or Sisko costumes! And we even have Klingon costumes that will put the ridges in your forehead! Whatever you need, Costume Kingdom has it all, from boys and girls to adults, in our Star Trek Costumes theme!

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