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These outfits are insane and certainly not for the faint of heart! When you're ready to take your Halloween outfit to the edgiest of the edgy, check out our X Rated Costumes for ideas!

X Rated Costumes

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Welcome to our X Rated Costumes theme at Costume Kingdom! Leave people speechless when you walk into the upcoming Halloween event dressed up in an X Rated Costumes theme creation which you can only wear one day out of the whole year! Here at Costume Kingdom we have some of the most mature, sexy, shocking and downright outrageous costumes you’ve ever come across!

When you walk into a room wearing something out of our X Rated Costumes for adults, people will want to shyly look away, feeling awkward about their compelling need to stare! The X Rated Costumes theme hosts a wide variety of truly eccentric and one of a kind costume creations, such as the Wet T Shirt Winning Costume, the Penis Costume, the Mens Flasher Costume, the Sperm Costume, the Drunk Sorority Girl Costume and even the Vagina Costume!

You won’t believe your eyes as you browse through this vast selection of X Rated Costumes for men and women that we’ve provided, for a good laugh and an amazing time! Just, be careful, you might frighten young children with these out of this world costumes - so don’t say we didn’t warn you! After all, these Halloween Costumes for sale are in a class of their own for a reason!

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