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When the Covenant is on the horizon, we need a hero to finish the fight! Don the uniform of Master Chief from our Halo Costumes and push the alien onslaught back to where they came from!

Halo Costumes

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Boys Emile Halo Spartan Muscle Child Costume
Retail Price: $56.00
Our Price: $25.90
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Boys Halo Master Chief Infinite Muscle Halloween Costume
Retail Price: $53.00
Our Price: $30.92
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Over the course of multiple blockbuster video games and inspired videos, the HALO series has become an international phenomenon! Become the Chief and fight against the Covenant and the Flood as you don the Master Chief Halloween costume from our Halo Costumes for adults! After the Fall of Reach, failure is not an option - either finish the fight or die trying!

With our strong selection of Halo Costumes for boys and adults, you'll be set to take on the invaders of Earth, with your trusty AI sidekick, Cortana! When morale is down, and hope is lost, those who fight to protect their home can find hope in one man - the Master Chief. Inspire the other Marines with your full-body Master Chief costume! Whether playing the game online or walking out to your Halloween gathering as the Chief, you'll naturally become the leader of your party when you're clothed out of our Halo Costumes for kids!

The Covenant knows no mercy, nor fear. Under the Spartan experiment, you've become the best that Earth could ever create! As you fight the Arbiter and take casualties, the war doesn't end with anything less than victory. Don't let the Flood or the Covenant gain the upper hand - from head-to-toe we'll have you covered in Master Chief gear from our Halo Costumes for sale! Finish the Fight! When all seems, lost, it's up to you!

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