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One of the greatest selling games in modern times, you and your kids will absolutely love our Skylanders Costumes! Available right here at!

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Boys Skylanders Crusher Halloween Costume
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Are you a huge fan of Spyro? Well, you can't go wrong with our Skylanders Costumes! Bringing the franchise into modern day (with a twist!), the Skylanders video game series has become one of the most popular of all time -- especially with kids!

With innovative gadgetry and authentic thoughtfulness, the game series has become one of the coolest additions to the video game industry! When you want to take on the title character, the ever-lovable dragon, take a look at our Men's Spyro Skylanders Costume and get into the right suit for the game! Of course, if your little one insists on being Spyro, we have a Boys Spyro Skylanders Costume as well! Pair it up!

Or maybe you want to go more... gremlin? Trigger happy is far more than a name, it's the character's solution to every problem! More than willing to take down any bad guy, he's not known for really bothering to aim. When you want to show off this crazy goldslinger, you can't go wrong wearing our Men's Trigger Happy Skylanders Costume!

When utilizing the Portal of Power to take down the evil Portal Master Kaos, our Skylanders Costumes are the perfect choice to do battle with the evils in the Skylands!

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