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George Lucas' Star Wars masterpiece has captured the imagination of multiple generations! Take a look at our wide array of Storm Trooper Suit costumes and fight the evil Empire at your Halloween!

Storm Trooper Suit

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Mens White Trooper Star Wars Costume Shoes
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If there's a single face of the Star Wars universe, it isn't the bothans or the ewoks or even the wookies, it's the Imperial Storm Trooper-- Which is to say that face is legion. From the mighty 333rd to the lowly guy that made the Wilhelm scream, it is clear that the Storm Trooper is the every man of the Star Wars universe! And here at Costume Kingdom, we have the Storm Trooper Suit sub-theme here for all of your storm trooping needs!

From Sand Troopers to Scout Troopers to Clone Troopers and Dark Troopers, these young men (or possibly women, who really knows) are keeping YOU safe from the Rebel hoards. If anyone is a hero in this universe, you don't need to look through a thousand different faces, it's these guys! It's the noble footman of the Empire!

Without this particular breed of redshirt, there would be no one to fight, no one to die in the Star Wars Universe! The heroes wouldn't have anybody to battle and the villains wouldn't have anybody to send out in their name! Oh, sure, they're just pawns in the game of life, but what majestic pawns they are! The Storm Trooper Suit is one of the finest outfits from here to the Rishi Maze.

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